The Mangolabs mechatronics kit is a carefully curated selection of components to get started and continue exploring new possibilities. Our projects show that small things can have a big impact. A small ripple can become a big wave.


We believe that in the future every object will have embedded software.

We are ready for it.


LED covered suits that react to touch and motion; automatic play-dough-making machines; digital waterfalls; programmable slide projectors; real time internet data statistics visualisations; electronic musical instruments; extracting energy from car traffic: we have done it all. We bring decades of experience and lateral thinking.

Engineering Solutions & Mechatronics Hardware

We’re dedicated to solving engineering issues on the ground, in water, and in the air with open source technologies, and provide curated kits to help others create their own solutions.

 About Us

Mangolabs GmbH – we are a team with years of experience providing engineering solutions and project management. We are inspired by the possibilities of open source technology and big data developments.

  • Passion for engineering

  • Fast in all we do

  • Always ready to help