• PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Slow-cook your food by heating water to the desired temperature and keeping it constant. Monitor and set the temperature with your Android device through Bluetooth.
  • HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Provided in the Mango Labs Mechatronics Maker Kit: Arduino Uno compatible board, HC-06 module, SSR module, stainless steel head thermistor, male to male jumper cables, mini-breadboard, external 12V (9V) power supply.
    Additional hardware: surface power outlet, power plug, AWG 16 cable, wood or nylon board, screws, small immersion heater with a maximum consumption of 2 amps.
  • SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Arduino environment (or online editor). Download the PID library here and the remotexy libraries here. Unzip and paste the folder in the Arduino libraries folder. It’s in the same location as your default sketches. You can look it up under File/Preferences Sketchbook location.
  • KNOW-HOW REQUIREMENTS: Basic Arduino environment knowledge (learn more here). Basic electrical skills.