• 12 volt 3.2 amp (real)
  • Multi-voltage input
  • Robust housing
  • Standard barrel connector output

Robust, high current 12V power supply that will power even your most current-intensive projects. It can handle the current of your stalled motors or light up dozens of LEDs.
We overpowered this supply in order to give you the flexibility of expanding your projects and ideas with ease.

Output voltage +12 VDC 3.2 A
Output connector 2.1 mm * 5.5 mm straight female center positive
Input 100-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Inlet 3 pole AC inlet IEC320-C14
Operating temperature -20 to 55 ℃
Type Auto switching
Size 116 mm L * 51 mm W * 31 mm H
Weight 317 g

3 amperes 12 volt auto switching power supply that can handle current-intensive projects. Includes supply cable to mains (not shown).